What’s Important to Your Partner

Know what is important to your partner and make it important to you, too.
I’m not talking about what kind of food they like, I’m talking about the big things, the things that your partner feels passionate about.
If they feel passionate about environmental causes and go to rallies about global warming, support them. Make signs for them to hold up, maybe go along to a few.
Perhaps read some books that have influenced their thinking on the subject.
You don’t have to agree with their view but support them in your way.

When you support your partner in the big things:

  • There is more generosity in the small stuff, the relationship can withstand many small differences if there is strong alignment and support around the important things.
  • There is a stronger feeling of ‘we’.
  • They know that you have their back when it’s important to them.
  • They are more likely to support you when it matters to you.