Marriage Tips from a Happily Married Couple (18 years) with Two Teenage Children

  1. Listen to what the other person is saying. Listen. Don’t kind of listen while scrolling on your phone or thinking of what to say back – really listen.
  2. Stay connected through s_x you both enjoy. Touch and intimacy are an integral part of connection. Make an effort to stay connected and to enjoy s_x with each other.
  3. When your partner needs you, be there. Make sure they know that you are number one. Make sure they feel that you have their back.
  4. Stay connected as a team with the kids. You might disagree about how to parent. Resolve it in private or with a therapist, not in front of the kids.
  5. Know what is important to your partner and make it important to you, too.
  6. Check-in with each other so you know where the other person is at. “How are you today? How was work? Are you hungry? How are you doing with that thing you were worried about?” etc.
  7. When your partner reaches out for connection – respond. 
  8. Do things that feed the relationship. Spend time together in nature, go on dates, and laugh together. Do things that allow you to see the person you fell in love with.

Which one resonates the most for you, 1-8? Let me know in the comments

Love, Jen