The Power of ‘Parts’ Work

Parts work is used in MANY research-based psychotherapeutic modalities; EMDR, Schema Therapy, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Narrative Therapy, and more. It is used in so many modalities because it works. 

I find that it creates a distance between the intense feeling and my ‘authentic self’ (and I have intense feelings – I am not walking around only experiencing a narrow range of emotions). When I refer to my ‘authentic self’, I am referring to my soul self, higher self, or the eternal part of me, the part that I feel as unconditionally loving and accepting.

Internally, this PART of me oversees the rest of me. So, when I feel a strong emotion, I go deeply into it with curiosity. I go into it with my observer self or ‘authentic self’ and wonder what the feeling is trying to tell me.

Usually, it is trying to tell me something that I really need to hear. That I am working too much, that I need to put a boundary in place, that I need something to change. 

When you think back to the last time you had a strong emotion. What was that PART trying to tell you?

Let me know if this is useful

Love, Jen