Childhood Attachment Wounding

When we have childhood attachment wounding we will unconsciously recreate that attachment pattern in our adult relationships. This means we are recreating our childhood trauma in our adult life and that’s why it’s so painful. You might find yourself feeling scared of being abandoned, avoiding conflict, people-pleasing, being overly anxious, or avoidant with your partner. The good news is that these repeating patterns CAN be shifted. This is the work of the cycle breaker. Let me know if this is you!

Breaking cycles is a calling. You see what you don’t want to repeat from your family of origin and you consciously make a choice to do something different. It might be having a family norm of gossiping about other people and deciding not to do that, or it might be having a  family history of addiction and deciding to heal your own addictions. 

It takes strength to be a cycle breaker. It’s not easy. Know that I see you. 

From one cycle breaker to another, love Jen