The Cycle Breakers’ Circle

This is the cycle we all go through on any healing journey. We need to discover where we are stuck and what we inherited from our parents and childhood. Then we need to attend to and heal those wounded parts, which organically leads us into a growth phase where we ground a new sense of self into our being and the world.⁣

Once we have stabilised in the growth phase for long enough, we go back around the cycle again, discovering, healing and growing. It is the best healing journey ever! It is an eternal cycle of outward expansion and growth.

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW. ‘Heal Your Anxious Attachment’ lands on the 1st of February, 2024. In it, you will learn:

  • What attachment impacts your intimate relationship
  • A detailed healing journey specifically designed to create INNER and then OUTER secure attachment
  • Discover your core beliefs and how to change them
  • The power of reparenting and ‘parts’ work
  • Spiritual healing practices to connect with your ‘soul’ self and your ancestors
  • Powerful intergenerational healing practices to shift stuck energy in your family line
  • Polyvagal Theory and tools to understand your nervous system and how to self-regulate
  • The dance of the anxious/avoidant couple and how to do a different dance
  • How to cultivate the secure relationship you want
  • BONUS – 20 recorded practices specifically designed to facilitate healing anxious attachment

Available NOW at all major book retailers.

Love, Jen