Stories from India

One of my main areas of interest is the intersection between Western psychotherapy and Eastern healing techniques. This interest has led me time and time again to return to India to immerse myself in traditional Indian practices of spirituality. There is something there that my soul knows. 

The smell in the air when a puja (spiritual ceremony to connect with the Divine) is performed; the sweet smell of kumkum, the jasmine flowers, the aromatic water, wafts of highly perfumed incense mixed in with a light scent of sweat. Just thinking of that smell takes me back.

The time I allow myself when I am there. Time to be with me, to connect deeply to the infinite part of myself, nowhere to go and nothing to do. I dive deep into my meditation practice, spending hours and hours doing walking meditation, prayer and contemplation. Sometimes as much as 9 hours a day, just eating, sleeping and doing different forms of spiritual practice. 

So sweet to have this time to connect with the Divine in a personal way. I miss my frequent visits to India, but I am practicing creating the same sweet moments of quiet and connection with nature and what exists beyond nature.

Sending a prayer to you all for the sweetness of experience.

All my love, Jen

Where have you been that you felt your ‘soul knew’?