Positive Outcomes of Therapy

Research shows that the benefits of therapy are more long-lasting than medication alone. Therapy teaches people skills to manage symptoms and helps them to address some of the causes of the symptoms. 

There is no doubt that therapy has changed my life. I have been doing all kinds of therapeutic work, alternative therapy, and self-help work for the last twenty years. I have been into the depths of myself. I have faced the bits of myself that make me squirm. I have learned to sit with those parts and to accept them and love them. I have integrated them, and continue to do so because I find I am always discovering new parts of myself that want to be seen and integrated. 

For me, the healing process is one of integration. It is integrating all that has happened to us, all of the decisions we have made that we regret and all the times we were not the best version of ourselves. It is accepting where we are, aligning with our values, and forging a positive way forward when perhaps we couldn’t see one.

In therapy, we have the opportunity to visit our darkest places in the presence of another person. That person is trained to hold a loving, compassionate space for you. This is where deep relational healing can take place. It is such a wonderful opportunity for deep attachment healing.

If therapy is something you have been considering as part of your healing journey, I encourage you to give it a go.

So much love on your healing journey,