Introduction to Your Inner Child

So, as the guided meditation went on, I had to kind of stop following it and attend to her. She was furious with me. So angry that she had been left alone to deal with everything life had thrown at her. I sat with her and let her shout at me and express her anger. I heard everything she had to say and apologised over and over again. I spent time validating her experiences and being with her. Finally, she was done. She agreed to meet me again, and I left the meditation.⁣⁠


Over the years, I have spent time getting to know all the parts of my inner child at many different ages. Each age seems to hold new gems of self-discovery and power that have been locked away. ⁣⁠

What lights up your inner child? (For me, right now as I ask – it is being in the sun).

Love Jen