Inner Child Launch

The Inner Child work is one of the most effective ways I know to improve self-regulation, change your critical inner dialogue, cultivate more self-compassion and improve your relationships.

The best part about doing this work is that we learn to be with and attend to the scared and vulnerable part of ourselves and at the same time, grow the loving, compassionate parent part of ourselves. In this way, we begin the process of healing our original attachment wounds to have more fulfilling, intimate, and healthy relationships. 

My Inner Child Healing Course is a repeatable healing process that’s specifically designed to help you meet and stay in touch with your inner child and inner parent and integrate new habits and behaviours. This opens you up to new possibilities and a different future, one where you are not a prisoner of your past cycles. This is one of the ways that you become a cycle breaker in your family. By learning to reparent your inner child you are unlearning some of your unhelpful programming and creating something more life-affirming for yourself. As we learn to release the old coping mechanisms and beliefs that kept us safe, we start to reveal more of our authentic or soul self, it is a big part of our healing journey.

The course is self-paced and totally life-changing. Check it out.

Lots of love from my inner child to yours,