14 Signs of a Wounded Inner Child

Inner child work is some of the most profound inner work you can do on yourself. In Sydney, I know many therapists and healers, all of whom have done their inner child work. It is a common language we all speak. It is almost a right of passage in the therapy world.

So, what is the inner child? It is part of our psyche that has a direct influence on us as adults. The inner child holds all of the memories and emotions that we experienced as children. If we experienced harsh, neglectful, or abusive parenting, our inner child will still be carrying those experiences around. Those experiences will often form the foundation of our inner world; how we feel about ourselves, others, and ourselves in relationship with others.

The good news is that we can learn to care for this part of ourselves as adults. We can learn to hold space for the confused and hurt child inside us and grown the nurturing parent part of ourselves. In this way, we replace unhelpful patterns with loving, healthy parenting. This is life-changing work. I know because I have done it and it has had a huge impact on my life, my self-esteem, and in helping me to process and integrate my tricky childhood.

I have taken what I have found the most useful over my 16 years of personal practice and therapy and put it into my new course ‘Inner Child Healing”. It is self-paced and jam-packed with information, practices, and demonstrations to teach you HOW to do this work.

Lots of love from my inner child to yours,