Heal Your Anxious Attachment: Pre Order Now

The book is finished after a year of writing it. The cover is designed, the typesetting has been done, and I have the final galley (as they say in publishing). So what’s next?⁣

Take it to India to receive the blessing of my teacher. ⁣

This is why I’m in India right now. I wanted to take the book to receive the energetic blessing of my teacher. I printed a copy in Australia and took it to my teacher last night. ⁣

Looking at it, she said, “When you find peace within, you heal your anxiety”. YES! Without reading it, she got it. ⁣

This is exactly what healing anxious attachment is all about: finding peace within. This is the journey that the book takes you on. It is a journey of healing and finding peace within. ⁣

Available for pre-purchase at all major bookstores.