Grieving Your Childhood

Many people carry a burden of grief related to their childhood experiences. You might mourn your early years if you were burdened with responsibilities beyond your age, faced bullying from a sibling, witnessed frequent violence, endured constant yelling and fighting, received silent treatment, felt neglected, or were misunderstood, to name a few. 

Navigating conflicting emotions about childhood can be confusing, especially when some parts of your childhood may have been wonderful and other parts terrifying. 

The therapeutic journey involves creating space for BOTH aspects and integrating these experiences into your present self. Inner child work and Internal Family System (IFS) are powerful methods.

If you’re intrigued by “parts work” or “inner child work,” you might find my ‘Meet your Inner Child’ self-paced course helpful. Feel free to check it out through the link in my bio or website.

I’d love to hear if this resonates with you. Have you grappled with reconciling different facets of your childhood?

Sending love, Jen