Goal Setting … Boring?

When I think of goal setting part of me gets really excited and thinks “yipee, I get to dream about all of the things I would like to manifest over the next year!” and another part thinks “oh no, another list of things to do”.

I have been in three sessions in the last three days where the focus has been planning for the next year, visioning and goal setting. So this is clearly where the energy is at for me right now.

What are the benefits of personal goal setting? There are many, here are a few that spring to mind: keeping you on track, keeping your focus on where you want to be, having an outcome that can give you a reason to celebrate, having the opportunity to get clear about what you want and to ask the Divine for help with receiving it. Forming an energetic imprint of what you would like.

Quick Goal Setting Process for 2014. 

For the live mediation click here.

1) Be in a quite place with a pen and paper and at least 15 mins of uninterrupted time.

2) Still yourself, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and become aware of your body. Be here now. (3 mins)

3) Become aware of the things you would like to achieve personally or in your business in the next six months and write them down. Ensure they are achievable.

4) Write them in the present tense with a feeling eg. it is July 2014 and I have just finished writing my book and I feel elated!

5) Close your eyes again and imagine yourself in July 2014 having completed all of your goals. See them completed in as much detail as you can. Notice the people around, colours, sounds and smells. Notice how this makes you feel.

6) From this future time look back and be aware if there was anything that particularly helped you achieve your goals. Note anything important down.

7) Think “thank you” to the universe for all you have achieved, and all that you are.

8) Gently bring yourself back to December 2013, and smile to yourself.