Gaslighting In Families

Yes, gaslighting happens in families.

Gaslighting is when our reality is denied by another or others to such an extent that we start to question our reality.

It is incredibly damaging to self-esteem and involves power over from the person who is gaslighting.


Dad starts coming home later at night – you feel he is avoiding being in the house.
You hear mum and dad fighting quietly at night
You ask what they were fighting about.
They say “we weren’t fighting, you must have imagined it”
You ask dad why he is coming home later – he says he is not coming home later. You are imagining it, he always came home at this time.

You know something has changed, that something is going on. Your reality is being denied, and more than that, your inner knowing is being denied and that can be a dangerous thing as a child.

As adults we NEED our intuition. We need to trust our inner knowing of when and where we are safe and who are the safe people.

If you have experienced gaslighting in your family, it is time to have your reality validated. One way to do this is with a therapist, someone outside of the family unit, trained to walk with you on your healing journey.

As always – so much love to you on your journey.
And always, always trust your intuition.

Xx Jen