Soul Healing

How can your soul need healing? Well, I believe that our souls have taken many incarnations and have had many experiences, some of which have been so intense, or repeated so often that they have left a kind of “imprint” on the soul. I often see the soul as a geometry of light and sound, so it is like the vibration of an experience affecting the quality of that light and sound. An easier way to think about it could be to think of karma. Karma is simply the vibration of our past actions being contained in the vibration of our soul and having an impact in the life we incarnate into.

So how can we heal the soul?

Looking at past lives and releasing negative karma and actively building “good” karma through good deeds is a great place to start. This very clearly changes the quality of the chakras of a person and often lets a lot more light and soul energy into the heart and crown chakras and results in a feeling of deep peace and even bliss.

Working on your thought forms also affects your soul over time. Working on your core beliefs changes your whole aura and the size of your chakras and thus allows for more positive and directed intention and results in your life than before.