Being Alone and The Heart

When I am more connected to my heart, I am connected to my power. Not power as in force, power as in love-power. When connected to my love-power, knowing what I need and desire and which direction to go in is easier. There is less confusion and more heart-wisdom. Yes, I like that phrase – heart-wisdom.

Most days, I find ways to connect with my heart space. I know this sounds incredibly New Age and hippie – in which case – I’m New Age and hippie. 

Practices that connect me to my heart:

Walking and noticing – I find walking is helpful for me. Being alone in nature, noticing the ocean, the birds, the bushes and familiar trees. I feel them touch my heart. 

Meditation – I have a mantra I use daily that I was given by an Indian Guru that I find incredibly uplifting. It has the effect of clearing my mind and energising me.

Yoga – every few days, I do an online yoga practice – some of those poses help me open my heart and feel the energy radiate into my whole body and the space around me.

Therapy – As people share their stories, my heart opens wide to both the victims and perpetrators in the stories I hear. I’m often left with a tender heart – in the best possible way – I feel more alive and connected to the complexity of life. I’m left in gratitude.

Let me know what connects you to your heart