Becoming a Congruent Parent

When parents are INCONGRUENT, children learn:⁣
To doubt their version of reality.⁣
To not trust themselves and even things they see and hear.⁣
That people are not honest or safe.⁣

When parents are CONGRUENT, children learn:⁣
To trust themselves.⁣
To trust other people.⁣
How to own their mistakes.⁣
They learn to tell the truth.⁣

Parental congruence is an essential part of children’s emotional intelligence learning process. ⁣

As a parent, I like to question my automatic responses and check in with myself to see if what I have just said is true. If it’s not, I do my best to rectify it in the moment, to own myself as being on autopilot or to have simply made a mistake. When I allow myself to make mistakes, my kids allow themselves the same privileges through my modeling. We are human – we all make mistakes.⁣

Let’s remember our humanity today – we all make mistakes.⁣

Love, Jen