Please note that this doesn’t say, “I must apologise all the time to keep the peace.” 

Owning our part is powerful. Even if we only own a tiny part. 

Think back to the last time someone owned their part of an argument. Maybe they said, “I took it personally and overreacted; I’m sorry, I’ll try my best not to do that again”. How did it feel to hear? I guess it felt great. Maybe you felt validated, safer, maybe you exhaled?

Sometimes we are so defensive, so stuck in our corner, it can be challenging to see our part at all. This is where we can get curious. I wonder what small part of this I am responsible for. If I were to own any part of it, what would my part be?

When we can find our part, it can make it easier for the other person to be vulnerable enough to find their part.

When we are both attached to always being right, we enter into a locked and blocked dynamic. What do you value more, your relationship or being right?

Looking for the small part you played is one way to shift this.

Big love where you are on your #healingjourney