Anxious Attachment and People Pleasing

If attachment anxiety resonates with you, let me know in the comments.

When attachment anxiety takes hold, the instinct to people please and prioritize the needs of others over your own can take over. This behavior is understandable because of the overwhelming fear of being abandoned. However, it’s important to recognize the impact this can have on other aspects of your life.

While striving to keep the other person close, you may inadvertently suppress different parts of your authentic self. You might silence your own desires, dreams, and opinions, fearing that expressing them could push the person away. This self-negation can lead to a loss of personal identity and a sense of disconnection from your true Self.

Additionally, in an effort to maintain the relationship, you may allow boundaries to be overstepped. This could involve tolerating disrespectful or abusive behavior, neglecting your own emotional and physical well-being, and sacrificing your personal boundaries. By compromising your boundaries, you risk compromising your own sense of self-respect and dignity.

Maintaining a healthy relationship does not require sacrificing your own needs and compromising your boundaries. Building a strong and secure connection with others should involve mutual respect, open communication, and the ability to assert your needs while still considering the needs of the other person.