An Antidote To Consumerism

There are some aspects of Buddhism that are incredibly close to my heart. One of them helps with the human condition of suffering. It’s called “letting go” and is said to bring happiness.

You might like to try this little practice: Write a list of all the things you are afraid of losing. Then contemplate how you can let go of the belief that they are indispensable. You might start with your house. Well, I need my house, how can I live without my house? My house is my most significant investment. Well, I could live with my mum or my friend if I didn’t have a house. Ummm, maybe I can surrender my house. Then move on to the next thing. 

Work through the list and know that some may take a day to surrender and some a year. I especially love this practice as a kind of antidote to consumerism. It reminds us that we don’t need as much as we think.