6 Research-Based Reasons Hugging is Good for You

How long to hug for? Google says 20 seconds, but I couldn’t find any research to back that up. What is important is that you have the time YOU need to relax into the hug. If you are hugging a distressed child, you know when it is enough because they have stopped crying, their breathing has calmed down, and they release their tight grip on you.

Next time you are in a hug, feel into your body and allow yourself to sense when you begin to feel calm and connected. Allow yourself to stay in the hug for as long as you need (assuming that is okay with the other person, of course). You could event time it and see how long it was.

Take some time to notice any differences in your body and mind from before to after the hug.

Who would you like to hug today?

So much love on your healing journey