12 Signs You Have A Mother Wound

Many of us spend years in confusion, anger and grief about the mother relationship, trying to make sense of what happened. ⁣

The relationship with the mother, who is usually the primary caretaker, is the first imprint we receive about how to be in intimate relationships. We learn who we are in a relationship and who we need to be to get our needs met. This imprint continues into adulthood, affecting ALL our relationships, especially our most intimate ones. ⁣

The mother wound might feel so deep and fundamental like it will never be healed. Know that this is NOT true. You can undo the years of criticism, comparison, and neglect. Yes, it takes time, focus and commitment, but you CAN change your inner narrative, your life story, and befriend that wounded part of yourself. You can have secure, intimate relationships and choose to be a different mother or father to your children.⁣⁣

Working to heal your Mother and Father Wounds is a core part of the Healing Journey in my Relationship Cycle Breaker Program and I would like to invite you to join me so that we can work together to transform this aspect of your life. Please click here for more information.

Please let me know how the mother wound shows up for you in the comments.

Love on your healing journey, Jen