Your Anxious Attachment Style is Motivated by an Avoidant Relationship with Self.

BOOM  @thebehaviourtherapist – ‘Underneath your attachment style sometimes are parts within you that are terrified that you are unlovable or unworthy of the type of relationship you want. We are terrified of befriending these parts of us, instead of leaning closer into these parts we project our attention externally hoping to collect evidence that disproves our deepest fears. This means getting into a relationship with others to prove that we are worthy of love.

We can collect a ton of information to prove that we are desirable or worthy but our body does not digest it because we haven’t learnt how to develop a relationship with those parts. We need to learn how to connect to our inner emotional world, to reflect to become vulnerable.’ 

Yes, yes, yes! Learning to connect to the inner emotional world is my bag baby! Bring it on!

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