What is Blocking Your Self-Awareness?

These archetypes come from the research of Dr. Tasha Eurich. She has a fabulous TEDx talk called ‘Increase your Self-Awareness with One Simple Fix’. 

She says that 95% of people believe they are self-aware, but only 10% – 15% actually are.

Looking at this chart, I started thinking about the blockers for self-awareness. 

What blocks INTERNAL self-awareness?

When I think about this in my clinic, I think the major blocks are self-criticism and fear of feeling emotions.

When we are internally self-aware, but immediately move into criticism, it becomes a painful experience that we may not want to repeat.

When we are internally self-aware and big, scary feelings come up that feel uncontrollable, we may not want to repeat the exercise!

What blocks EXTERNAL self-awareness?

How well we receive feedback often depends on our self-esteem. Do we feel strong enough to receive constructive feedback?

If you are thinking you would like to receive more feedback, here are some things that could be helpful:

Notice how others respond to you in different circumstances, do they want to get closer to you or further away?

Asking a colleague, ‘How did I present at that meeting? I’d love your honest feedback’

When you receive feedback use active listening, rather than defending or justifying. Trying to stay curious about what they are saying. Ask questions.


  • Which area are you growing in the most?
  • External self-awareness or internal self-awareness?
  • What could you do to increase your awareness in this area?

Love Jen


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