Understanding Your Partner’s Love Language

 If your partner received little quality time as children, this will be even more triggering for them. It can re-awaken deep feelings of being unloved and uncared for. You might find that their reaction is bigger than you would expect because an old wound has been re-opened. This is why it is important to AVOID certain behaviours linked to your partner’s love language. If you find your partner has been triggered, please know it is not all you. It is also their CHILDHOOD WOUND being triggered. Try to be gentle and loving as you work out ways to show them love in the language that resonates most deeply with them.⁣

For quality time, it might mean planning a weekly date night or a weekend away together. It might be a special meal cooked at home without the TV on so you can really connect deeply with one another. It could be going on a walk, just the two of you, taking time to get a coffee on a Saturday morning or going for a run together. ⁣

What most triggers your partner in terms of love language? ⁣
What might I avoid in order to show them more love?⁣