The Neurobiological Impact of Trauma

This repository of emotion, felt sensations and memories go on to form what in IFS (Internal Family Systems) are called ‘parts’. Each part is frozen in time and space. So the traumatised 6-year-old will feel like they did when they were six and have the emotions and thoughts and memories from when they were six. They will also have the same capacity to deal with the event, which was usually limited.

For the system to process and release the trauma, the inner six-year-old needs to be witnessed, held, and loved by the core ‘Self’, the wise and unconditionally loving part of you. When this happens, the six-year-old can release all of the stress and emotion it has been carrying and take up a new, more liberated, and joy-filled role in your system.

This is part of the IFS process.

Trauma CAN be healed. It can be healed in many different ways. One of the most powerful ways for me has been through a combination of IFS, somatic psychotherapy, EMDR, and spiritual/energetic practices from the East. These now form the foundation of my private practice. If you would like to see me or one of my therapists for a personal session, book here.

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