The More Assertive You Become, The Less Resentful You Will Feel.

So many people ask me, “How do I become more assertive?” 

Being assertive involves facing your fears—whether it’s the fear of rejection, being laughed at, or dismissed. Remember, the more assertive you become, the less resentful you will feel. It’s about expressing your true self and your needs respectfully and confidently. Don’t let fear silence your voice. Your feelings deserve to be heard!

To further increase assertiveness, start by understanding your needs and boundaries. Practice stating them out loud to yourself first. Then, when you’re ready, communicate these needs directly and clearly in your interactions with others. 

Use “I” statements such as “I feel” or “I need” to express yourself without blaming or criticizing others. Also, remember that being assertive means being open to others’ needs and responses—it’s a two-way street! 

Like any skill, assertiveness takes time and practice to develop. Stay committed to your growth, and you’ll see the change in how you relate to others and feel about yourself. 

Love, Jen