The Importance Of Joy

Having fun might sound simple, but for so many of us, the ability to relax and have fun was drilled out of us in childhood. If you grew up in an environment where you were in constant fight or flight, it was not safe to play and have fun. You were constantly waiting for the unpredictable adult to go off.

For this reason, many adults have forgotten how to have fun or never knew how. As adults, we can now practice safe fun. What is UNSAFE fun? Unsafe fun might look like drinking yourself into oblivion and going home with someone you don’t know. Dangerous fun might look like racing a friend in your new car.

Remember, there are many ways to get that adrenaline rush in a relatively SAFE way. You might take up mountain bike riding, trapeze, rollerblading or surfing.

This is about spending time with yourself and getting to know what YOU enjoy. Do you love art, dancing, reading, walking, or camping? Or do you prefer sports like football, golf, or cricket? Could you join a local club that does what you love?

Having fun brings our inner child to life and brings us more energy, vitality, and joy in life. When we exude fun, our whole demeanour lifts, tricky things affect us less, and there is more juice for life.

What do you do for FUN? I’d love to hear!