The Healing Journey

The process of discovery is one of waking up. We start to become aware of how we are in the world. We begin to see repeating cycles in our life and generational patterns that we are repeating.

Healing starts when we find the courage to say ‘no more’. I am ready to look at myself and my patterns and change what is going on in my life. In this phase, we don’t have all of the answers, so we embark on a healing journey. That journey is unique to you. For some people, it will involve time away from the family of origin, perhaps time in therapy, possibly learning yoga or meditation. 

As we heal, we grow. We connect with a more profound sense of self. We begin to feel more embodied and happier. We make healthier choices and have healthier boundaries. This gives us more capacity than before to have greater intimacy and energy to move towards meaningful things in our life. 

What has been your experience on the healing journey?