The Art of Deep Rest

In the last post about deep rest, a few people asked me how to do it. 

We know we are deeply rested when our nervous system, body and mind feel calm. There is a sense of letting go and of general wellness.

It is difficult to deeply rest when we are not safe, and when your mind is racing.

Deep rest is not something our culture values. 

Let’s aim for the day when someone asks, “How was your day?” and rather than “OH, I was so busy”, we respond, “It was a wonderful day. I rested deeply,” and that feels more valuable than the busy response.

Deep rest happens when:

your nervous system feels safe enough to relax deeply 

your mind feels present and calm (Meditation)

you are doing something with no expectation or hope of an outcome (for example, painting for the joy of it)

there is a sense of deep peace in the moment. There is nothing to move away from or toward. You are simply being. Right here, right now.

your soul is satisfied in this moment