Stress Management Tips

What do you do to self-soothe when you are stressed? Do you pick up a drink? Do you find yourself in front of the cupboard tucking into a whole packet of dark chocolate McVities Digestives (for the Brits reading this)? 

Or do you find yourself calling someone who can be with you in your stress without being pulled into your drama? Do you turn on some soothing music and take a bath and know that this too shall pass? Do you go for a walk in the garden and practice being in the moment?

As we saw in yesterday’s post, your body has a physical response to stress, so part of your work with stress is to regulate your body and your mind. What calms your mind? What calming experiences can you give to your body? 

For me, being in nature helps to regulate my body. Bringing myself into the now while I am walking, stopping to look at the flowers and the view helps calm my mind. I lovingly bring my mind back into the now when it drifts off. 

What is it for you that you know helps to regulate your mind AND body?