Remembering Olive

Oli passed away in June 2021 at nearly 17 years old. We joke that she was our first baby because we had her before our children. ⁣

In many ways, she trained us in how to be parents. How to attune to her needs, understand her, even though she couldn’t talk to us. I would worry about her while I was away at work, and reticent to go out after work, because she had been home alone for most of the day. ⁣

I’ll miss her hitting my legs if I haven’t given her breakfast, the feeling of having another presence in the house when it is just me and the kids, the sound of her barking in her sleep as I work on the sofa. I’ll miss her joy. The smallest of things made her light up; breakfast, bananas, a touch, a walk, a ball thrown. What a beautiful soul she was. ⁣

An animal family member is one of the biggest blessings. She is forever in our hearts. ⁣

Let me know if you have a special animal family member.