Reconnection to the Inner Child

Children are naturally creative. They have to be creative to survive in the world and learn about the world. They hear a new noise and want to find out what it is, see something new, and explore its taste, feel and sound. They are constantly exploring the world and being creative in the ways they explore.

Over time that sense of exploration and desire to create can become repressed or frozen through traumatic experiences of varying intensity. You can end up with one person who remains in contact with this part of themselves, who is the life of the party, creative and playful, and another who loses touch with it and becomes rigid, fearful and controlling.

As adults, we CAN reconnect to the part of us that is intuitive, playful and emotionally sensitive. As we do so, we tend to feel more alive, more connected to a sense of joy for no reason. We feel less scared because we know what the inner child needs in every moment and how to take care of them. 

A deep sense of self-trust starts to develop. It feels grounded, safe and supportive. 

Learning to re-parent is a process. We need to build trust with our inner child, be reliable and take care of them/ourselves. I have personally found the process to be life-changing.

You might feel a little scared of opening a pandora’s box, of what you might find when you meet your inner child. If you want to be supported through that process, look for a therapist trained in inner-child work or ‘parts-work’. If you want to try an online self-paced process, check out my “Meet your Inner Child” offering – on my website.

Much love to all your inner children,