A Plant Based Diet

I have now been dairy free for 100 days.  I have been eating 70% vegetables at most meals and only soup after 4pm.  It has been HARD.  Especially over Christmas and the holidays.

How do I feel?  So much better!  For the first time in my life I do not need to sleep between 2pm and 4pm.  I am training for a 5 day hike in Patagonia in 5 weeks, so I am doing more exercise than ever before.  The skin rash that had been bothering me since April has gone!

So what started as a detox under the eye of my Ayurvedic Doctor I think has become a lifestyle change.  With this knowing is a slight panic…what am I going to eat?  I have a few recipes, but not many.  A great meal for me is something that can be done from start to finish in 15 mins.  I don’t mind if something has to cook for longer, as long as it does not need to be tended to during that time too much.  Vegetarian please, and for the time being grain free (except quinoa and buckwheat) and dairy free.

To read more about the benefits of a plant based diet check out these two leaders in the field:

Rich Roll:  www.richroll.com (vegan ultra-endurance athlete)

Dr Greger: www.nutritionfacts.org (his daily dozen is a great start  heaps of great short videos based on the latest research).

Love Jennifer