Peter Levine Quote

Humans have been working with trauma for eons. We have always been coping with wars, genocides, death, illness, and natural disaster. Overcoming these things builds resilience and grit. It is in our DNA to overcome and survive.

Can trauma be a catalyst for ‘profound awakening’? In my experience, it can. When I reflect on my life, I can see that most of the traumatic events I have experienced have led to considerable changes in myself and been instrumental in making me the person I am today. I have also had the privilege of witnessing thousands of clients transform (in a good way) because of their trauma.

As a trauma therapist, I understand the necessity of processing the trauma in a safe place. The trauma needs to be safely released from the body and the nervous system. When we get the support we need to process what has happened, we don’t get stuck with these symptoms. When it gets stuck, we have problems and are likely to experience the symptoms of PTSD.

If you are looking for a therapist to work with your trauma, I highly recommend looking for someone trained in Focusing, Somatic Psychotherapy or Somatic Experiencing. Many therapists will say that they are ‘trauma informed’ but have little actual knowledge about working with the different dimensions of trauma.

Have you reached out for help with processing your trauma and found it helpful?

Reference: Peter A. Levine, Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body