Open-Minded podcast

I had such a wonderful chat with Marla. We covered all things attachment and touched on trauma, EMDR, IFS, meditation and healing. Head over to her podcast and check it out. If you like what you hear, please leave a review. 

“Clinical Psychotherapist (MA) & Energetic Healer, Jen Nurick, joins us to shed light on the complexity of attachment styles and how they influence our intimate relationships. From anxious to avoidant, we’ll take you through the characteristics and development of these patterns, offering hope and practical insights for those seeking to evolve towards secure attachments.

Healing from childhood trauma is a profound journey that can redefine our relationships and sense of self. Jen shares her professional and personal insights on EMDR, Vedic meditation, and other essential tools for anyone on the path to recovery. Discover how emotional self-healing techniques such as ‘focusing’ and regulating your nervous system can help you navigate through life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience.

Ready to transform your attachment style and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships? We wrap up with a conversation on the role of mental imagery and mindfulness in managing anxiety and reshaping negative thought patterns.  It’s a heartfelt exchange brimming with practical guidance, arming you with specific tools to foster more secure, loving connections.”