Needs and the Avoidantly Attached

You may take pride in lacking needs, which has served as a protective mechanism in the past. You are likely to have developed a strong sense of self-reliance resulting in independence and excellent capabilities.

However, does your fear of depending on others isolate you from everyone else? Do you hide behind an impenetrable barrier, rejecting any form of need?

Does the thought of relying on someone else evoke fear within you? Does it prevent you from forming close relationships? Do you feel repulsed when you witness others displaying neediness?

Reconnecting with your needs is a journey that requires gentle reconnection with your body and engaging in relationships where you feel safe to express your needs. It involves being with people who genuinely desire to love you in all the ways love manifests.

When the wound is relational, part of the healing has to be relational. This is where a great therapist, partner or friend can help you heal. 

I hope you meet that person.

Love, Jen