Indicators I Am Healing in My Relationships

  • I am less triggered and when I am triggered, I work through it
  • I find it easier to put myself in the other persons shoes and be compassionate without abandoning myself
  • I have clearer, healthier boundaries
  • My self-worth is no longer tied to how much I do for others
  • I know and can communicate my needs gently
  • I don’t hold grudges for as long as I used to
  • I find it easier to validate my partners feelings and know I don’t have to agree with him / her
  • I find it easier to trust and feel safe in relationships
  • My relationships are interdependent, not co-dependent
  • I am able to self-soothe
  • I find myself playing less games in my relationships
  • I know I am loveable even if this is not being shown to me by others

Ram Dass says that relationships are one of the hardest forms of yoga. When he says this, he is talking about the way you meet in an intimate relationship. That you will see all of the parts of self when in relationship, so there is a lot of opportunity for healing.

“I think in relationships you create an environment with your own work on yourself which you offer to another human being to use to grow in the way they need to grow. You keep working – you become the soil – moist and soft and receptive so the person can grow the way they need to grow, because how do you know how they should grow.” – Ram Dass

Know that some days you will feel pretty good about this list, and other days you will find some points challenging. We are growing, which means we need to practice and be allowed to fail.

What else have you noticed as you are healing in your relationships?