Identifying Emotional Exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion can appear in various ways through your body, mind and spirit. 

In your BODY, it might show up as:

  • Feeling achy all over
  • Having no energy for anything, even the things you know will make you feel better
  • Wanting to sleep a lot
  • Feeling tension all over your body

In your MIND, it might show up as:

  • Obsessing over the same situation 
  • Lack of focus
  • Struggling to set boundaries

In your SPIRIT, it might show up as:

  • Lacking vitality and passion
  • Lacking a sense of purpose in your life
  • Feeling overwhelmed by hopelessness

When I’m emotionally exhausted, it shows up in my body first. I have learned to listen to my body’s subtle warning signs. When this happens, I usually need to sleep a lot, and my whole body feels ‘off’. 

How have you learned to identify emotional exhaustion? Let me know in the comments.