How To Emotionally Prepare For The Election

This is big. I have a number of clients, friends and family in the US who have needed to spend time debriefing their mixed emotions about the impending US election.

It is NORMAL to feel confusion, greif and despair.

It is NORMAL to feel that you want to be engaged and feel tired from trying.

It is NORMAL to feel anxiety about the future, personally, nationally and globally.

It is NORMAL to feel hopeless AND hopeful.

After all, we are in the midst of a global pandemic and one of the most important US elections. Tensions are running high and it is a lot to deal with. The media is saturated with the election, gaslighting is rife and it is difficult to distill the truth.

So many people are feeling dishearted, powerless and TIRED. 

As an Australian, with many US and Australian followers, I wanted to let you all know that we are with you. As I sit writing this, I feel quite emotional. We are allies. Always. Sending prayers to you all for the best possible outcome, peace and tolerance.

Love Jen