Affirmations for Your Inner Child During the Election

My undergraduate degree was a BA (Hons) in Political Science. I was an idealist! I saw all of the inequality in the world and wanted to understand why it was like that, and to be a force for good. The more I studied, the more disillusioned I became with the world, and with politics as a way to have an impact.

As I got older, I was drawn to study different forms of alternative healing. I studied reiki, kinesiology, meditation, and energetic health. I was at home dealing in the subtle realms, as is normal for most highly sensitive people (see previous posts for info on this). 

I could see how, if more people did the healing they needed to do, we could have a better world. So, I guess I am still an idealist. As I continue to do my work, to be clearer, kinder, more authentic, more present, and more assertive, I know others are doing the same and this gives me hope. 

When I saw the holistic psychologist hit 3 million followers, I was SOOOO excited! As a community we are moving. 3 million is a movement! People are waking up and learning to self-care and heal. We are always doing our healing work within a social context. Our social, ecological and political environment has an impact on us, and us on it. Nothing stands in isolation.

Nurturing your inner child and all parts of yourself during this stressful time is something you can do to add to the river of calm. I hope your inner child enjoys hearing these affirmations. I hope they bring some reassurance, support and love.

So many of us in Australia are thinking of you all and are with you.

Love Jen