Healthy vs. Unhealthy Friendships

What are the elements of a healthy friendship?

Sometimes, it can be challenging to spot the warning signs when we are in a toxic friendship. We might feel that we are relying on that person for connection, validation or support. So we see the red flags but ignore them.

At the core, a healthy friendship has reciprocity, and both people feel nurtured and cared for. There is a sense of BOTH being worthy of the friendship and receiving energy, validation and warm connection. 

In a deep friendship, there is a sense of generosity. We go out of our way to help one another and are attuned to what the other might need. This doesn’t mean that we are on call day and night, but it does mean we hold them in our heart with love and check-in if we know they are struggling. 

No great friendship is without its ups and downs. There will be moments of tension, disagreement and conflict. Remember, it is not the conflict that is the issue. It is how you repair. 

When repair is done well, it deepens the feeling of safety in the relationship. We learn that we can disagree and stay connected, and this is how we can be individuals and remain in the relationship. 

What would you add to the ‘Healthy’ list? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Jen