Family Challenges

Whenever we go through a challenge as a family, it has the potential to bring us closer together or push us further apart. When a family can meet challenges head-on, feel the fear, help one another and get through it together, there is a greater sense of connectedness, bonding and resilience. 

This is one of the reasons why my hubby and I consciously create family challenges. Things for us to go through together that are HARD and a bit scary. In this picture, we are on Maria Island in Tasmania, March 2020. We had to shimmy along a rock face in strong wind and the ocean lapping at our feet to get to this spot. We had to hold on to the overhanging rock above our head to be stable as we went.

As we did it, we helped each other. We all felt a little fear. The only real danger was slipping and getting wet shoes, so it was a relatively safe challenge, but I could still feel the adrenaline pumping in my body, and I’m sure the others could too. We were out there in the elements together. We were pushing our boundaries, feeling the fear and supporting each other.

We have been thinking about keeping this spirit of adventure, fun, support and challenge alive during the lockdown. In Sydney, we are in week 4 of a lockdown that looks like it will last for another four weeks at least. So we have devised a home challenge. 

We are doing the Wim Hof method for 30 days. We started slowly with a 60-second cold shower, then a 90-second cold shower and the breathing techniques (we are only on day 2). Wow – the cold shower was hard! But we all supported each other and cheered each other on. 28 more days to go!

I have used breathing techniques to regulate my nervous system as part of my spiritual practice for over 16 years, and I find it incredibly beneficial. We thought it would be an excellent way for the kids to explore a different way of getting out of their comfort zone and trying something different. Follow my stories to see how we are doing with the challenge.

Wherever you are, my love to you!