Do You Have a ‘Couple Bubble’?

The couple bubble is a mutual agreement that, in essence, creates a secure relationship. There is a sense of safety, protection, caring, and love.

When there is a couple bubble in place, there is a sense of exhaling, knowing that your partner is looking out for you and has your back.

They become your safe home base, the place where you can de-brief. If you go out together and have to deal with tricky relatives, you know your partner will be there for you, supporting you.

Before you make big decisions, you check in with each other because you know it will impact your partner and the relationship. There is a sense that you are a team.

When this is working well, our nervous system feels supported, and we are more able to relax and face the challenges the world throws at us. Because we are not alone, we are in a team.

If you would like to learn more about this, check out Dr. Stan Tatkin and his book ‘Wired for Love’.

Love to all, Jen

  • What is the ‘Couple Bubble’? A couple bubble is where there is an agreement to put each other first. Stan Tatkin (Wired for Love) likens it to a safe cocoon that protects a couple from the outside environment. Inside the cocoon, the couple cares for and protects each other.