Dealing With Self-Criticism

I remember when I first heard about the concept of self-love. It was totally foreign. What did it mean to love yourself? I had only ever been taught that it was good to love others, to be kind to others. What did it mean to ‘love’ myself’? Did I love myself? Where was I on a self-love spectrum? I had no idea. 

A few years later, I read somewhere that self-love was about talking to yourself like your own best friend. Now, that was something I could relate to. I knew what it sounded and felt like deeply caring for other people, so it was easy to start then treating myself as I would my friends. 

I have found that being kind to myself is a form of self-love. Speaking gently to myself when I make a mistake, only choosing to hang out with people where there is a resonance and letting myself rest when I need it.

Do you think the concept of treating yourself like your own best friend is something that could help you cultivate self-love?