Creating a Secure Attachment Style – Part 2

How can I ‘re-parent’ my inner child? I know this part of me is present a lot in my life – but how do I work with it?

Up until about 6 years old our brain waves are operating at the theta frequency, which is quite slow. This means that we are very receptive to our environment and affected by our experiences. These become part of our unconscious reactions and expectations as adults.

The inner child represents the part of self that is ‘stuck’ in the traumatic parts of your childhood. I like to think of the inner child as a frozen part of the psyche that is gently defrosting through the healing work.

Working with your inner child allows your past to be validated and creates space for you to see your behaviours as normal given the circumstances you were in at the time and the resources you had available. The behaviours that developed are probably not serving you as an adult. Over time, you can learn to change the inner dialogue and learned behaviours that kept you safe in the past by trying out the ideas in the tiles.

Another invaluable resource is the ‘Inner Child Healing Meditation’