This post is for everyone wanting to experience more co-regulation in your life.

Although I’ve given an example involving a child, the same principles apply to adults when their emotional brain takes over, and their left brain shuts down. Have you ever been extremely upset and had someone try to use logical reasoning to calm you down, but you couldn’t process it? I know I have.

In such situations, it’s more effective to approach with empathy – the ability to empathise with the person and see things from their perspective. It’s important to stay calm, use a soothing tone, and acknowledge their feelings. This is called co-regulation.

By experiencing co-regulation, adults can eventually learn to regulate their emotions themselves. I hope this explanation helps you understand the process better.

Dan Siegel’s “The Whole-Brain Child” is an excellent resource for learning about emotional regulation with children, but it can be equally applied to adults.

Wherever you are, take care of yourself.

Love, Jen