Avoidant Experiences

What is Avoidant Attachment?

Avoidant attachment refers to a tendency to avoid emotional closeness and dependency on others. Those with this attachment style may have developed self-reliance as a defence mechanism, often suppressing their need for connection. This can make it challenging for them to engage in intimate relationships fully.

In romantic partnerships, individuals with an avoidant attachment style may struggle with vulnerability and expressing emotions. They might fear losing their independence or being engulfed by their partner. 


Conflict can be especially challenging when their primal instinct is often to shut down and get away. This can be incredibly frustrating for both parties, and it is helpful to remember that this is not a logical decision but an automatic response to a scary situation.

Breaking the Pattern

Recognising and understanding avoidant attachment patterns is the first step towards building healthier relationships. Over time individuals with an avoidant adaptation can gradually learn to trust and engage in more intimate connections. This is something I work with a lot in my practice.