Attachment Trauma

A holistic approach to trauma defines attachment injury/wounding not as an event or a challenged relationship, but rather as a disruption and overwhelm to our body-mind’s capacity to feel safe, secure, cared for, and consistently connected with.

Attachment trauma may be less visible than other traumatic experiences. Our adaptive strategies for managing the trauma are deeply embedded in our adult lives, manifesting as patterns in our physiology, thoughts, behaviour, and interactions with other people and our environment. 

Attachment trauma might emerge in early childhood, adolescence or in our adult life as symptoms of anxiety, depression numbness, disconnection, defensiveness, or a sense that parts of your Self are numb, hidden, fractured, or inaccessible.

Attachment trauma is something that can be worked with and healed. If you are interested in this learning you might want to check out my new book ‘Heal Your Anxious Attachment’.