Anxiety or Anxiety Disorder?

You might not know there is a big difference between anxiety and an anxiety disorder. Most of us will experience anxiety on and off, but how do you know when anxiety has become a real problem for you?

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It is sending you a message that something is not feeling right for some reason. It can motivate you to meet a deadline or move to safety. It has a time limit, which means it will usually go when the deadline has passed or the conflict with your friend has been resolved. When anxiety is ongoing and doesn’t seem to have a start or end, this is an excellent time to seek support.

An anxiety disorder can significantly impact your life and make daily life almost impossible. 

I would love to hear how anxiety affects your life to give this community more understanding if you feel safe to – please share in the comments.

Love Jen

*Please note that this is not intended for diagnostic purposes.